provides consultation services for forecasts and analyzing your company’s economic health and potential, as well as financial valuation of personal and real property, including intellectual property.

In addition, Professor Graciela Chichilnisky of Columbia University seeks to merge the two most important trends of our time: The Knowledge RevolutionTM and the management of the planet’s biosphere.

The rapid innovation in information technology is changing patterns of production, employment, and consumption, and revolutionizing the world economy. The rise of the computer, software, biotechnology, entertainment, financial, health, medical, and other “knowledge-intensive” industries has created new opportunities in which the creation, management, and distribution of ideas and knowledge will replace land and oil as the natural resource for economic development. The Knowledge Revolution™ holds great promise for continuing economic progress while avoiding environmental crises. We guarantee that every created at Internet Casino card au or number is assigned randomly, our number generator is also regularly checked by an independent company (Gaming Associates).